The 5 Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Bushwick

Over the last decade, Brooklyn’s stretching industrial neighborhood of Bushwick has risen to become one of New York’s center for arts and culture. There are several warehouses which have been turned to studios and galleries that focus majorly on artistic innovation and invention. Therefore, if you an art lover, here are the five best galleries in Bushwick.


An excellent place to start exploring is the NURTUREart Gallery. George J. Robinson founded this gallery as a way of providing equitable exhibition opportunities for various young artists and curators within the region. The gallery is situated in a large basement in Bushwick’s framed gallery building. Their main programs include an online registry of artists and curators, annual shows, educational outreach, among others. These programs are often widespread and bring a diverse range of artists, a positive indication of how much they are accepted and respected by the community.

2) Robert Henry Contemporary

This contemporary was formed in 2009 by Robert Walden and Henry Chung. In their mind, Robert and Henry designed a contemporary which mainly focused on conceptual work that not only appeal the eye but also engages one’s brain. This desire has made them to continue gaining a positive reputation to the community as well as to sharpen their focus on discoveries. Also, their continuous commitment and dedication to finding the best artists have earned the contemporary commendation and getting reviews from the Huffington post and Artnet News.

3) Harbor gallery

Harbor gallery is among the newest contemporary art galleries in Bushwick. Nonetheless, when you take a walk at the gallery, everything seems to be carefully and professionally curated. The artists deployed here is topnotch. For instance, you may be forced to fall in love with the Alta, the conversant and sociable curator. The curator strongly elucidates every work done at the harbor. One of the best-presented works includes that of six artists who redefined the simple daily materials in an uncommon way such as using heads, feathers, and Vynil to make flamboyant collages and fittings.

4) Norte Maar

This contemporary was founded in 2004 by one of the all-time best curator, Jason Andrew, and Julia Gleich. The founders saw it useful to create this gallery as a non-profit organization to bridge existing barriers between the artistic disciplines. Therefore, as an NGO, it managed to bring together different artists, curators, writers, composers, and choreographers to improve on their creativity. Norte Maar focuses on visual, literary, and performing arts. Besides, they operate an innovating program which helps to spread out their reviews leading to more collaboration, especially from the Brooklyn Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park.

5) Microscope Gallery

This gallery was formed in 2010 by curate Elle Burchill and artist Andrea Monti. The gallery focuses on sound and digital performance. Also, it specializes in other time-based works such as moving image arts. Microscope holds evening events as a way to spark discussion within the community. Recently, the gallery relocated to Bushwick warehouse to find adequate space and room to strengthen and develop their programs – learn more about home photo gallery wall.